We Want to Keep Our Customers Informed on all Roofing Topics


Here are Prodigy Roofing, we believe an informed customer is a happy customer.  Providing our clients with the knowledge of product, industry, insurance and service information equips them to make sensible decisions and gains insight about a product or service before purchase.

That is why we have created a blog page to our website, so we can inform our customers.  We hope to cover a number of topics like:

FAQs about a new roof

What to ask a roofing contractor

When to replace your roof

Should you repair, patch, or replace your roof

The cost to repair, patch, or replace your roof

DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement

Environmentally friendly roofing options

Comparing roofing materials

Getting your roof ready for Winter

Holiday outdoor light-hanging tips

Light hanging techniques

Light hanging safety

Hanging lights without damaging your roof

How snow and ice impact your roof

How to safely remove snow from your roof

How to de-ice your roof

Spring cleaning the roof checklist

How bad weather impact your roof

Benefits of having a professional roof inspection to assess storm damage

How to spot hail damage

What you need to know before installing a skylight

What you need to know before installing rooftop solar panels

Cleaning/maintaining gutters

How to remove mold from your roof

Does your home need roof ventilation?

Choosing the right roof for historic/older homes

And the list goes on and on.  If you do not find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call us, we have been in the roofing business for a long time,  and we will do our best to answer your roofing questions.   

We look forward to bringing you more and more information as time goes on  so when it comes time to purchase a new roof, you will have the knowledge to make a sound roofing decision.  

Thank your for considering Prodigy Roofing as your next roofing contractor.  We strive to make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied.  Call for a free inspection today at 678-635-0426.