Commercial Roofing

A leaky roof over your business can cause damage to company property, or even possibly cause harm to visitors or employees if roofing caves in and causes structural damage. Call Prodigy Roofing today to inspect the situation ASAP.

With a history of providing residential roofing services to the Metro Atlanta community, Prodigy Roofing is also incorporates commercial roofing into our service offerings for local business organizations. Our professional roofing specialists are familiar with working with local business owners, commercial property owners, and business representatives to negotiate the most quality services for their business, all while providing the safest and most efficient project site available. We make sure to deliver our roofing services in the least conflicting ways possible, to help ensure our commercial roofing customers can continue to run their business smoothly with minimal distractions involved.

Over the years, we understand that business structures can fall into disarray, which becomes a real concern for property owners who are repeatedly in search for new and reputable tenants. This can be a struggle for everyone involved, and a real conflict of interest for property owners over time.

Reach out to Prodigy Roofing and allow us to provide valuable commercial roofing services to your property that you may need and involve us in your decision-making process to guarantee the highest return on investment for your property.

As contributing Gwinnett county business owners, we understand the pressures involved in running a business. Our team of commercial roofers can deliver a variety of roofing services for businesses that include some of the following professional roofing services below.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Serving as residential roofing contractors as well as commercial roofers, we aim to provide the best metal roofing services Gwinnett County has to offer. We have a variety of different metal materials at our disposal, including solid steel, galvanized steel, and more, depending on the requirements of your property and the budget involved in commercial roofing installation.

Commercial TPO

A simpler way of saying thermoplastic olefin, TPO refers to a blending of polymer that involves a mix of rubber and thermoplastic that is used to resist sun damage allowing for commercial roofs to withstand years of Georgia heat. We understand the intricacies involved in TPO membrane installation and can provide affordable implementation to a variety of commercial structures.

Commercial PVC

An intricate process in and of itself, PVC membrane installation is much like TPO; PVC roofing installation is something the Prodigy Roofing has the ability to incorporate in any number of commercial properties and we understand how crucial it is for a proper installation. Our disciplines in PVC are developed, and Prodigy has the experience to complement a number of businesses with a high-quality PVC roof that will not fail prematurely due to a correct, initial install by our experts.

Comprehensive Inspections

Using modern technology through mobile drone photography coupled with our trained eye for all things roofing, our team of professionals can provide our commercial customers a full no-cost, no-obligation site visit. Our techniques guarantee that we will  discover all the potential problems that may be inflicting the properties roof in the most accurate and efficient manner. Call us today to schedule a commercial roof inspection for your business and we will help arrange the best time for all parties involved.​

Roof Repair

Do you have dents, dings, or even major damages to your roof? Harsh elements like hail, gutter problems, harsh weather, or heavy debris from bad storms can cause major problems. Let us find the problem areas and remedy them ASAP!

Trust us, if you got leaks dripping into your home, I think it is safe to say you need roof work done. While your concerns may not be as severe as you may think, a comprehensive roof inspection could be the difference between a roof on its way to disarray, or a roof being ushered into repair. Prodigy Roofing can be that differentiator for you and your property with just one call!

Roof repair work can be tricky business from time to time. A minor issue could result it in a catastrophic one over the years, and that is why you should trust roofing specialists at Prodigy to intervene in the conflict and provide the necessary resolution to get the roofing system back in working order.

Some of the many potential roof repair necessities derive from these likely suspects…

Tree Debris.  Pesky lumber can be a problem – particularly if its branches and limbs are cascading down upon your roof. Prodigy may not be tree experts, but we know enough about roofing to understand that they can be a real problem when it comes to the longevity and care of your roof. Reach out to us so we can help you explore avenues in solving your tree problems and get you in contact with the right landscapers to assist your home.  Let Prodigy assist you with roof repairs in the meantime.

Weather Damage Snellville, GAWeather Damage.  While we may not be meteorologists, we know when a storm blows in because that’s when the phones start ringing off the hook. Weather is the leading cause of roof damage, and we understand that no matter what the problem is (rain, wind, snow, hail) we can help assist in bringing the roof back into working order. Even if its light spring showers or a torrential downpour, rain can be a destructive force to a property owner. We are a capable roofing contractor that is available no matter what the damage involves, and we amplify our availability during emergency weather conditions.

Poor Design. You wouldn’t believe how much of our work involves fixing the problems created by former roofing contractors. Hiring an incompetent roofer can be extremely detrimental to your roof (and your finances). If your roofing system is marginally new and you are already experiencing problems, verify to see if your warranty is at all still in place. If your roofing system cannot be fixed by the unqualified roofers out there, don’t hesitate to contract us for our premier services.

Roofing Maintenance

The most important factor in discerning a damaged roof from a fully operational roof is likely consistent and practical maintenance. Prodigy Roofing specializes in dependable maintenance services to our roofing customers, and we can put your property’s roof on an annual or bi-annual maintenance schedule to ensure your roof lasts as long as you do (don’t forget, we are roofers, not doctors).

Roof repairs can be expensive – let us do the due diligence through a comprehensive roof inspection to verify its condition, age, and quality life-cycle. Roof replacements do happen, particularly if your property has not received a recent inspection. However, if your roofing system is treated with proper maintenance and routine inspections, maybe a minor roof repair is the cure to your damaged roof. Call Prodigy Roofing today to schedule a site visit, and allow us to guarantee our quality services will be met by you.

atlanta downspout repair

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are a common addition to any proper home or business, and are essentially a necessity based on the roofing system implemented. Much like the roof, gutters and downspouts play a versatile part in exterior defense to the elements mother nature throw their way. Over the years, these supplemental systems wear down, particularly when they are beaten and battered by surrounding tree limbs, branches, wildlife, and more.

Signs of Gutter Issues

There are a lot of tell-tale signs out there when a gutter system requires repairs or replacements. Water is typically the biggest representation of when there is a problem – particularly where it ends up. Basement flooding, along with pooling around the property are major signs that a gutter repair may be in your property’s future. Peeling paint on exterior walls, as well as cracks and rusting on the exterior of the gutters are also signs that point to rising concerns.

Ask a Professional Roofer

Sometimes, these signs are not always so in your face. A slight uneven set in a gutter system or a slight pull away from the structure of the building can be the difference between a working gutter and a failing runoff system. Having partially damaged or failing gutters can cause tremendous foundation complications in and around the property, and can cause serious damage in the long run. If you believe any of these issues may be impacting your roofing system, call our experts to schedule a free, comprehensive site visit.

​We will provide a thorough analysis of the property, the gutter system, and the roof if requested, and in turn communicate to the customer a developed report of the condition of the gutter and what may be required to fix the problem. Our roofing and gutter experts are professionally trained in analyzing the issues that may arise on a property’s roof and gutter system and will work with the owners to devise a strategy to meet the short-term and long-term needs of the property.

Gwinnett Gutter Services

Debris caused by weather damage can be detrimental to the life cycle of your roof’s gutter system, and our team is available to respond to emergency gutter problems. We do not want your home to be vulnerable for an extended period without professional intervention – let Prodigy Roofing swoop in to save the day and bring your gutters back into working order.

We offer a variety of quality gutter types, including half-round, seamless, and more, coupled with leaf guard products, catch boxes, and more. A professionally designed roof must be complemented by a quality gutter system, and we have a variety of finishes that incorporate custom colors and baked enamel to provide an attractive aesthetic as well as a lasting product that will operate in tandem with the roof in place.

Our team of gutter experts can arrange scheduled maintenance for your property and to help assist your existing gutters to last. We are also experienced in designing water conservation strategies that allow for custom, downspout catch basins that can be used for gardening and landscaping assistance. Our professionals at Prodigy Roofing are available for consultation regarding all the gutter concerns that may need to be addressed.​

Prodigy Roofing

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Professional Roofing. Done Right.

Gwinnett County Roofing Professionals
Prodigy Roofing is a professional roofing contractor serving the residential and commercial neighborhoods in and around the Metro Atlanta area. We are made up of a small group of tenured roofing professionals with years of experience in the roofing industry. Growing up in the roofing business, our roofing experts are educated in the art of roofing, and have built a modest legacy in the residential roofing industry within the state of Georgia.

Our years of experience has catapulted our business to be able to expand our services to meet the needs of the homes we serve and are beginning to add to our clientele list.  Even though we began as residential roofers, we are now trained and equipped in performing work on commercial projects of varying sizes, and also adept in gutter and downspouts, including gutter installation, gutter repair, and replacement services.

From Repairs to Replacements

Learning to rise above problems in the field, Prodigy Roofing is trained to attack every roofing issue on the spot, by providing quality services and materials in turn. We are more than capable of tackling any concern your property may be facing.

Roof Inspection Services Monroe Drone Technology

InspectWhether it is minor or major, our specialists are trained to perform expert roof installation on whatever property you own. All it takes is a proper roof inspection to verify its condition (call in the drones!).
Roof Repair Services Monroe

Dents, dings, and damages hampering your good roof? Even if your roof is five years or five days old, repair services may be required when harsh elements, weather, or heavy debris is involved.

Roofing Contractor Monroe GA

When your roof looks like it has been through the grinder and back, it is likely that you require a full roof replacement. We can have one of roofing specialists over in no time to get you some answers!

The Prodigy Advantage

Are we the typical roofing contractor? Absolutely NOT! Our specialists have studied  our local competitors, and they got nothing on us. Check out some of the advantages we bring to your prospective project and let us be the contractor that sets your roof above all the rest.

1.        Cutting-Edge.  We are not your grandfather’s roofing contractor, (even though we would love to work on his roof if he needs our help). We use modern technology and the most up-to-date tools to provide roofing services. We believe that the utilization  of quality roofing tools, products, and industrial-grade drone technology ensures accuracy in our inspection processes and quality assurance in our roofing techniques.

2.       Approved.  We aren’t just a couple of knuckleheads with hammers; we’ve got the proof to show for it! Prodigy Roofing is insured, licensed, and bonded to provide roofing services throughout the state of Georgia. We are a limited liability company that is regulated and approved to provide all the services your roof may require upon arrival.

3.       Local. Our professionals are local boys, and we aren’t afraid to help a neighbor or two (even if it happens to be an ex-girlfriend – we don’t hold any grudges). We may be small-town Georgians, but we have big-city dreams. We aim to satisfy customers in need, from Walton County and beyond, to deliver the services that any may require.

4.       Safety First!  When it comes to safe roofing, we don’t cut corners (even though we trim shingles fairly often). We may be known for a joke or two, but safety is no laughing matter. Prodigy Roofing follows strict OSHA guidelines on the project site; this is to ensure the safety of our hard-working laborers, and the safety of our customers (yes, that means you).

5.       Unique. We may not be the only roofer in town, but we are the only roofer in town with style. Prodigy Roofing not only provides quality roofing services at every door, but we also go into various degrees of detail with our customers to craft the best-looking materials, colors, and styles that best match the home and its inhabitants. Since we are all about style, we want our customers to be too!

Ask About Our Drone Inspections!

Upon arrival to your property for inspection, we use every object at our disposal to provide the most comprehensive roofing inspection that can be delivered. That means we unleash the drone! One of our primary roofing specialists is a licensed drone operator in the state of Georgia, and has loads of experience operating in and around the city. We will give you an honest report during your site visit, and it will be backed by detailed aerial and ground images detailing the condition of your roof system.

Quality Services

Along with roof repairs, replacements, and standard installation packages, Prodigy Roofing is also skilled in gutter and downspout repair/installation. We aim to assist your property, no matter the type or size.
Residential Roofing Monroe GA

Residential Services

Prodigy Roofing specializes in residential roofing, and we have been serving as roofing contractors for years. Whether the project is question is residential metal roofing or residential fibre-cement, our team of roofing pros are at the ready to provide any and all services that may be required. We are familiar with consulting property owners, landlords, mothers, fathers, and more to help them get their home back in working order!

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The Prodigy Guarantee
There aren’t many certainties in this world, and even Benjamin Franklin once said “…nothing can be certain, except death, taxes, and a quality Prodigy Roofing guarantee.” Well, he may have not have truthfully mentioned that last part, but here at Prodigy can guarantee not only a free, comprehensive roofing inspection, but a two-year written installation warranty as well. We are committed to our quality roofing product, (even if we weren’t around to make our founding fathers Prodigy Roofing customers).
“Prodigy Roofing provided my home with the repairs it needed, and used drone technology to assist in the roof inspection. I’ve never seen that before and I’m glad we have professionals that used such cutting-edge technology for our roof. The kids loved it!”

– Jamie B. in Monroe, GeorgiaREFER A NEIGHBOR and receive $100 off your Project!

Commercial Services

Prodigy Roofing is skilled in working on various roofing systems for commercial properties. We have begun to work with business owners, property managers, and lease representatives to provide all the quality services commercial businesses are familiar with. Whether it is torch down, TPO, or otherwise, we aim to get the roof back in tip-top shape, without affecting any of your employee’s time.

Commercial Roofing Monroe GA