Cedar roofing is a fantastic option for individuals who are focused on a more rustic look to their home, but that are environmentally conscious. Cedar roofing options are bright and gorgeous to look at, but add a lot of value to your home along with the eco-friendly bragging rights.

Cedar Shingles versus Cedar Shakes

There are a couple of options for cedar roofing. One is cedar shingles and the other is cedar shake. There aren’t any advantages that one has over the other even though they have a very distinct appearance difference.

Cedar shingles are cut on both sides in very distinct square patterns and have a more uniform look on your roof since they are cut on both sides, tapered and are thinner than cedar shake. Additionally, they lay flat, don’t require a felt underlay and can be layered three shingles thick in order to provide even more protection against the elements by providing a weatherproof barrier.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake is thicker and are not uniform which gives a staggered appearance. They are only cut on one side and are simply split on the other side which is the side that faces outwards. They are also cut at an angle to intentionally make one end thicker than the other which gives it a rustic old town feel.

Because of the irregularities in the way cedar shake shingles are cut, your roofing professionals at Prodigy Roofing will install a layer of felt underneath the roofing since water can easily get between the shingles to help block the wind and rain and give it an extra layer of protection.

Benefits of Cedar Roofing:

  • Cedar roofing will add a lot of value to your home
  • It is brighter in color to accent the exterior of your home
  • Resists to high winds like hurricanes, hail, hurricane, snow and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Long lasting and typically 10 years longer than standard roofing
  • Energy Efficient to bring down your energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly

Things To Know:

  • Cedar roofing is more expensive than standard asphalt roofing
  • It is suggested to set up a maintenance plan to help prevent natural growth like mold, moss, mildew and other fungi growth.

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