Georgia Residential Roofing

Prodigy Roofing specializes in residential services throughout the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. For years, we have been experienced in providing quality roofing and gutter installation for homeowners, landlords, and more, and hope to provide roofing services that will encompass all of the Walton county area.

Over the years, our tight-knit team of contractors have developed relationships with the homeowners and individuals throughout the city, and we pride ourselves on being the go-to roofer in the area for our customers. New roofs are not built in a single day, and much like our company, quality work takes time. That is why when we are contracted to provide services to our residential community, we focus on providing the best materials, services, and relationship we can offer as roofing professionals.

Residential Services

Our expert roofing contractors can provide an array of top-tier roofing services for your residential property at the drop of a hat. These services include:

  1. Inspection. Our comprehensive, no-cost, site inspections are delivered with cutting-edge service investigation that includes ground and aerial photographs to allow the residential customer a full understanding of the big picture of their roofing system.
  2. Repairs. Prodigy Roofing specialize in quality roof repair services that allow for remediation to the overall residential structure and peace of mind for the ownership party involved.

  3. Replacement. Our full service roof replacement delivery services include a one year, warranty guarantee for a job well done to communicate our commitment to quality.
  4. Gutters. This includes full gutter and downspout installation or repair to bring your residential property back into the good graces of your neighborhood and homeowners association.
  5. Negotiation. We go to bat for our residential customers by negotiating with insurance companies to establish the most affordable solution possible for your property’s roofing system.​

These are just a summary of the services we provide, and we aim to be transparent in our business practices and to ultimately give our residential customers satisfaction in the products we deliver. Whether your residential property may be missing shingles, experiencing a roof leak, Prodigy Roofing has the know-how, the personnel, and the experience of providing expert services to homeowners on a regular basis.

Residential Site Inspection

If you believe your residential property requires roofing services and are not sure of the condition of your home, call upon Prodigy Roofing to assist in all your problems. We can provide a free, full site visit that can establish a full understanding of the roof as well as the gutter system that is in place and to see if services may be required. We understand there are a lot of moving parts in preparing for the financial impact of implementing a new or repaired roof, as well as a new gutter system. We have established reputable relationships with residential insurance providers and are trained to negotiate for the betterment of the homeowner and the common services they need to live on a day to day basis.

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