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Gwinnett County Roofing Professionals
Prodigy Roofing is a professional roofing contractor serving the residential and commercial neighborhoods in and around the Metro Atlanta area. We are made up of a small group of tenured roofing professionals with years of experience in the roofing industry. Growing up in the roofing business, our roofing experts are educated in the art of roofing, and have built a modest legacy in the residential roofing industry within the state of Georgia.

Our years of experience has catapulted our business to be able to expand our services to meet the needs of the homes we serve and are beginning to add to our clientele list.  Even though we began as residential roofers, we are now trained and equipped in performing work on commercial projects of varying sizes, and also adept in gutter and downspouts, including gutter installation, gutter repair, and replacement services.

From Repairs to Replacements

Learning to rise above problems in the field, Prodigy Roofing is trained to attack every roofing issue on the spot, by providing quality services and materials in turn. We are more than capable of tackling any concern your property may be facing.

Roof Inspection Services Monroe Drone Technology

InspectWhether it is minor or major, our specialists are trained to perform expert roof installation on whatever property you own. All it takes is a proper roof inspection to verify its condition (call in the drones!).
Roof Repair Services Monroe

Dents, dings, and damages hampering your good roof? Even if your roof is five years or five days old, repair services may be required when harsh elements, weather, or heavy debris is involved.

Roofing Contractor Monroe GA

When your roof looks like it has been through the grinder and back, it is likely that you require a full roof replacement. We can have one of roofing specialists over in no time to get you some answers!

The Prodigy Advantage

Are we the typical roofing contractor? Absolutely NOT! Our specialists have studied  our local competitors, and they got nothing on us. Check out some of the advantages we bring to your prospective project and let us be the contractor that sets your roof above all the rest.

1.        Cutting-Edge.  We are not your grandfather’s roofing contractor, (even though we would love to work on his roof if he needs our help). We use modern technology and the most up-to-date tools to provide roofing services. We believe that the utilization  of quality roofing tools, products, and industrial-grade drone technology ensures accuracy in our inspection processes and quality assurance in our roofing techniques.

2.       Approved.  We aren’t just a couple of knuckleheads with hammers; we’ve got the proof to show for it! Prodigy Roofing is insured, licensed, and bonded to provide roofing services throughout the state of Georgia. We are a limited liability company that is regulated and approved to provide all the services your roof may require upon arrival.

3.       Local. Our professionals are local boys, and we aren’t afraid to help a neighbor or two (even if it happens to be an ex-girlfriend – we don’t hold any grudges). We may be small-town Georgians, but we have big-city dreams. We aim to satisfy customers in need, from Walton County and beyond, to deliver the services that any may require.

4.       Safety First!  When it comes to safe roofing, we don’t cut corners (even though we trim shingles fairly often). We may be known for a joke or two, but safety is no laughing matter. Prodigy Roofing follows strict OSHA guidelines on the project site; this is to ensure the safety of our hard-working laborers, and the safety of our customers (yes, that means you).

5.       Unique. We may not be the only roofer in town, but we are the only roofer in town with style. Prodigy Roofing not only provides quality roofing services at every door, but we also go into various degrees of detail with our customers to craft the best-looking materials, colors, and styles that best match the home and its inhabitants. Since we are all about style, we want our customers to be too!

Ask About Our Drone Inspections!

Upon arrival to your property for inspection, we use every object at our disposal to provide the most comprehensive roofing inspection that can be delivered. That means we unleash the drone! One of our primary roofing specialists is a licensed drone operator in the state of Georgia, and has loads of experience operating in and around the city. We will give you an honest report during your site visit, and it will be backed by detailed aerial and ground images detailing the condition of your roof system.

Quality Services

Along with roof repairs, replacements, and standard installation packages, Prodigy Roofing is also skilled in gutter and downspout repair/installation. We aim to assist your property, no matter the type or size.
Residential Roofing Monroe GA

Residential Services

Prodigy Roofing specializes in residential roofing, and we have been serving as roofing contractors for years. Whether the project is question is residential metal roofing or residential fibre-cement, our team of roofing pros are at the ready to provide any and all services that may be required. We are familiar with consulting property owners, landlords, mothers, fathers, and more to help them get their home back in working order!

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The Prodigy Guarantee
There aren’t many certainties in this world, and even Benjamin Franklin once said “…nothing can be certain, except death, taxes, and a quality Prodigy Roofing guarantee.” Well, he may have not have truthfully mentioned that last part, but here at Prodigy can guarantee not only a free, comprehensive roofing inspection, but a two-year written installation warranty as well. We are committed to our quality roofing product, (even if we weren’t around to make our founding fathers Prodigy Roofing customers).
“Prodigy Roofing provided my home with the repairs it needed, and used drone technology to assist in the roof inspection. I’ve never seen that before and I’m glad we have professionals that used such cutting-edge technology for our roof. The kids loved it!”

– Jamie B. in Monroe, GeorgiaREFER A NEIGHBOR and receive $100 off your Project!

Commercial Services

Prodigy Roofing is skilled in working on various roofing systems for commercial properties. We have begun to work with business owners, property managers, and lease representatives to provide all the quality services commercial businesses are familiar with. Whether it is torch down, TPO, or otherwise, we aim to get the roof back in tip-top shape, without affecting any of your employee’s time.

Commercial Roofing Monroe GA

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