If you have damage to your roof, you may easily qualify to have your roof replaced by your insurance company. You simply don’t want to take a chance that your home may sustain more damage to your interior if there are leaks.

We have fantastic representatives that can work with your insurance where others may have failed! Just answer these simple 10 questions and we can assess if we can assist you with your current situation and get the roof replaced through your insurance!

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2) Do you visibly see damage to your roof from the ground?

3) In the past two years, has there been a bad hail storm, high winds, or other serious weather conditions (tornadoes, fallen trees, etc.) that possibly could have damaged your roof?

If yes, have you actually seen hail on your property in the past 2 years?

4) In the past 6 months or have there been homes near you or around your neighborhood that have been required to get their roofing replaced or repaired?

5) Do you notice stains inside of your home on the ceilings?

6) What Type Of Home Is This?

7) What Type Of Roof Do You Currently Have?

8) How Old Is Your Roof?

9) How Many years Have You Owned The Property? Years

10) Have You Already Discussed the Roof With Your Insurance Company?

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